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Introducing Curio Smart Sharing: The Next Step in Patient-Centric Cancer Care

At Curio, we build products to enhance the patient experience and support healthcare providers in delivering exceptional cancer care. Today, we are launching a crucial tool for often-unsung superheroes: patient support staff. Curio’s Smart Sharing is the first step of many, designed to empower patient services staff to provide targeted, timely resources and support to patients.

What is Smart Sharing?

Smart Sharing is a revolutionary feature designed to simplify and optimize the way patient support staff share essential resources with cancer patients. Think of it as your intelligent library that knows exactly what each patient needs at different stages of their cancer journey. Instead of sifting through spreadsheets or sticky notes, support staff can easily find, select, and share personalized resources from a centralized platform.

But Smart Sharing goes beyond just sending resources; it tracks patient engagement with these resources, offering invaluable insights for future interactions. In essence, Smart Sharing acts as a dynamic bridge between support staff and patients, making the exchange of information not just a transaction, but a personalized, insightful, and empowering experience.

Why Smart Sharing?

Healthcare isn't just about medical treatments; it's about holistic care.

The top barriers for patients with cancer, perhaps surprisingly, are unrelated to the interventions themselves. Patients and families struggle most with financial and logistical obstacles as well as with healthcare communication.

Patient support providers including care navigators, social workers, financial counselors, and others play an integral role in alleviating these struggles by sharing vital educational and other supportive resources.

Repeating important info to patients is important but challenging. On one hand, it's crucial for their understanding. On the other, it's time-consuming and sometimes can feel like we're nagging. But it's that very repetition and confirmation that bridges the gap between info and understanding.

In the past month, after talking with 25+ patient support providers, we observed and heard these consistent challenges:

  1. Navigators in every setting spent much of their time sharing the same resources over and over again, and then following up to see if a certain resource was helpful.
  2. Many navigators had their own personal resource library across multiple spreadsheets, sticky notes on walls, or racks of pamphlets which can create a navigation challenge in itself.
  3. Finally, sharing a resource isn’t enough, often times you needed to educate, or “sell” people on why a certain resource might be helpful.

Curio Smart Sharing is engineered to streamline this resource-sharing process to save time and give navigators data-driven insights.

How Does Smart Sharing Work?

Smart Sharing integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. The user-friendly interface allows support staff to:

  • Add, search, and select resources
  • Send a personalized message with each resource
  • Track how patients are engaging with certain resources

Data-Driven Insights

Smart Sharing not only facilitates the sharing of resources but also collects valuable data on resource utilization and patient engagement. This data can be analyzed to identify gaps in resource availability and fine-tune the sharing process.

What’s Next? Empowering Support Staff with AI

While most platforms only offer static resource libraries, we plan on upgrading Smart Sharing with AI to take it from a transaction to an opportunity for personalized support. Some of the things we are considering:

  • Recommendations — suggest other relevant resources based on the patient's current condition, history, what they have engaged with, and upcoming milestones in their care journey
  • Personalized Messaging — automatically generate personalized messages that create greater engagement
  • Multi-language support — seamlessly translate messages into other languages.

Commitment to Empowerment

Smart Sharing isn't just another feature; it's a commitment to empowering those who provide behind-the-scenes care. As we continue to strive for a more efficient, human, and data-driven approach to cancer care, Smart Sharing is a step towards a future where every member of the healthcare ecosystem is equipped to offer the best care possible.

Join the future of cancer care and try Smart Sharing today 🚀

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