Frequently Asked Questions

What is Curio?

Curio is a mental health and wellbeing startup focused on personal growth. We launched during the COVID-19 crisis to help people live better lives, regardless of our unpredictable world.

What are Curio Circles?

Curio Circles are small groups facilitated by expert coaches that focus on discussing and practicing skills related to personal growth and mental wellbeing. Circles meet on a weekly basis. There are follow-ups to every session with a focus on constant growth and progress. All Circle members will also belong to our general Curio Community.

Can my organization join Curio?

Yes. We offer fully customized programs for organizations. You can be a small team of 5, or a large corporation. Email us at for more information.

What are the prices of Curio Circles?

Pricing is $25 per week, paid as $99 per month. We do offer discounts to groups and organizations. Please contact us at to find out more.

Is there a trial?

We are currently offering a free Pilot, which has limited spots. You can sign up here. For our usual Circles, you can see our registration & refund policy here.

Who are Curio Guides?

Curio Guides are experienced coaches, educators, and other expert facilitators who have been selected and trained to help Curio members excel. Each guide creates programs and resources according to their circle’s needs. All Curio Guides practice inclusivity, non-judgment, and unconditional positive regard.

How is this different from therapy?

Therapy generally helps you understand your internal processes and reflect on the past. Our methodology is more similar to that of coaching, which focuses on your current situation and how you can take actions to live a better life in the present and future. Although it is important, our focus is *not* on mental illness, although we can help guide you to proper channels if you are looking for help with major depression, panic disorders, and other clinical conditions.

Are Curio Circles safe spaces to share?

Yes. We ask all our members to follow our Code of Conduct, which indicates every member's promise to keep personal information shared during circle sessions private. We have a culture of trust, and any person who breaks that trust will have their membership revoked. To see how we take care of your information on the website, you can see our Privacy Policy.

How do I get started?

You can get started by using our Circle Designer here. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out at


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