What is Curio?

Curio is a supportive cancer care platform designed to be a co-pilot at your fingertips. Curio can help you understand your medical documents, including lab reports, scans, medical bills, and more, as well as offer personalized, expert advice with actionable next steps.

How much does Curio cost?

Our tools are completely free to use for patients, caregivers, navigators, and providers! We offer paid services such as coaching and therapy, but you won't need to pay to access our translation and navigation tools.

I don't have cancer, but someone I know does. Can I still use Curio?

Absolutely! Our tools and services are meant for not only people with cancer, but their friends and loved ones, as well as professional caregivers, advocates, and navigators. There are special functions to help you manage others' care, in addition to your own if needed.

Is my medical information secure if I upload to Curio?

Yes. All our tools are HIPAA compliant and secure, and we will keep your information safe.