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Improve Patient Support and Gain Insights

We are pioneering an empowered healthcare system with our platform of AI-enabled solutions that are built for safety, reliability, and patient-centricity.

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What Makes Us Different?

In the age of blazing-fast innovation and the generative AI revolution, keeping patient privacy and equity at the forefront while adopting the latest developments is essential.

We Prevent Misinformation and Misguidance

Healthcare and wellness organizations are held to a higher standard of accuracy and reliability in their services and products. Generative AI is a powerful new technology, but its outputs must be constrained appropriately to prevent hallucinations and biased information. Our products have built-in guardrails so patients access only relevant, accurate, and helpful information.

We have a Permissionless Design by Default because Privacy is Key

We strongly believe in opt-in patient data usage when necessary to deliver a better experience. In addition, our default programs are designed not to store sensitive data or require integrations unless requested by the health organization.

We have Modular, Combinable, and Unified Capabilities

Our platform is built for the complexity of healthcare organizations’ needs. Whether you are a non-profit needing to augment navigator capabilities or a payer with diverse requirements, we have designed solutions to function as standalone or coordinated products. Our customizable design means our platform can combine the capabilities of various tools for a unified experience for your team and patients.

We are Clinician-Designed

We are a team deeply familiar with clinical and supportive needs and workflows. We’ve designed our tools to be simple to use and easy to implement in diverse settings. No-training-needed technologies are accessible to busy teams and patients alike.

We Play Well With Others

Our mission is to empower the entire healthcare ecosystem. This means partnering and highlighting organizations of excellence providing services for patients and providers.

Patient Support Programs and Care Navigators

Empower Your Patients with Accessible Tools for Resourcing

Curio excels as patient-centric design. Our modular, permissionless, and easy-to-use applications can operate independently or as a unit integrated into your existing tech systems.

Needs=Based Navigation


Healthcare resourcing today relies on expensive and time-consuming manual work.
Resourcing is so vast and complicated that you need to train human support navigators to assist patients. But one-time navigation for healthcare objectives like cancer screening averages $300 (with no guarantee of success).


Empower self-service with reliable, accurate navigation tools.
Customize a research assistant AI specifically constrained to your organization’s datasets to reveal actionable insights and opportunities. Curio helps you organize, understand, and query diverse data types.

Literacy-Appropriate Education


Patient education needs to account for variable literacy levels to promote health equity.
Health literacy is diverse, and equity is a prominent issue for every organization. The standard solution of offering fifth-grade reading-level content for patients is not only paternalistic but also limits capabilities and balloons costs.


Speak to each and every patient how, when, and where they need.
Offer your patients pre-approved, generative education and guidance appropriate to each individual’s needs. Curio’s AI-enabled solutions allow for human validation in the loop without sacrificing 24/7 access.

Payers & Providers

Gain Insights from Existing Data and Automate Outreach for Better Outcomes

Leverage Your Structured and Unstructured Data


You have a trove of data that is impossible to decipher.
Your data stores are primarily unstructured and noisy, from call transcripts to benefits utilization. No matter how much searching and filtering, more data comes in than is possible to sift through manually.


Embed a conversational AI to uncover insights.
Customize a research assistant AI specifically constrained to your organization’s datasets to reveal actionable insights and opportunities. Curio helps you organize, understand, and query diverse data types.

Proactive Member Outreach


Pre-set notifications pile up and surpass your team’s capacity.
Order B12 testing, send cancer screening education, reach out to patient about medication side effects and adherence - there are too many actions and requirements for coordination for your team to keep up using existing solutions.


Augment your human talent with dynamic, configurable outreach.
Customize one of our healthcare AI navigators to proactively reach out to your members based on your chosen triggers. Every step is programmable according to your needs - all you need to do is approve and set an outreach flow.

Empower Your Team and Patients.

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