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Expert-led virtual coaching groups to learn and practice mental wellbeing & personal growth skills


I was always a fan of self-help books, but nothing ever really clicked until I joined my Circle. Now I feel like I'm really living my best life!

Felicity, MI - Purpose Circle

How do Circles work?

Curio Circles are small coaching groups of up to 8 members led by an experienced Curio Guide. Circles meet in weekly 90-min sessions. Topics are adapted by the Guide between each session to adjust for your Circle's needs and growth.

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Learn Important Life Skills

Personal Growth Skills

  • Emotional Understanding

  • Life Mapping

  • Resilience Building

  • Values Sorting

  • Gratitude & Appreciation

  • ...and more

Relationship Skills

  • Active Listening

  • Communication

  • Conflict Navigation

  • Long-term Relationships

  • Self-Partnering

  • ...and more

Creational Skills

  • Team Dynamics

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Productivity

  • Career Fulfillment

  • Purpose Discovery

  • ...and more

During a session, you'll learn from your Guide an important concept for mental wellbeing/personal growth, which you will then practice amongst your Circle members. Between sessions, you'll have access to our online Curio Community.


Why Curio?

We're a physician-led team, and we emphasize skills and practice in our psychology-based methodology.


We believe in Circles as our core format, as they offer you the expertise of a growth coach while being affordable and offering greater community.

Select Curio Features

Convenient, Virtual Circles

Experienced Coaches as Guides

Weekly Sessions with Guides & Circle

24/7 Access to Our Digital Community

Resources for Personal Growth

Regular Programming


Who We Are


We vet and train Guides for excellence. All our Guides have expertise in skills coaching.


We are passionate about openness, inclusivity, and unconditional positive regard.

Tailored Approach

We take you and your specific needs into account when we construct your programs.


We will grow and evolve based on your feedback and changing needs.

Hillary Lin,  MD

Founder & CEO

I am a board-certified primary and urgent care physician with a background in digital health. I studied at Stanford University, School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Business. My passions are for mental health and building deep relationships. I created Curio to solve the epidemic of disconnection and isolation in our modern-day world. I love escape rooms and have been to 150+ around the world.