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Learn how psychedelic treatments may help you get unstuck and achieve your mental health goals.

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Curio: A mental health clinic

Curio is the only fully guided psychedelic care preparation and education program for mental health.

Understand Your Options

We are here to help you understand how and why each treatment path may help you. We recommend the best mental health options for you, considering your life context as well as your current symptoms.
  • Human-first, mental health care navigation
  • Articles and videos to help you understand your options
  • 1:1 guidance by a Curio health champion when you need it
-Sheila, CEO + Wife

How it works


1-5 Days

Curio Navigation Services
Curio Learn

Start your journey with short quizzes and bite-sized lessons. You will learn within minutes what next steps are best for you. We will help you find the most effective and accessible options for treatment based on your results.


4-12 weeks

Curio Coaching
Partnership Network Services

We offer virtual medication management and ketamine treatment, but also can match you to other virtual and in-person clinics. We'll guide you from preparation, through treatment, and afterward with our specialty coaching.



Curio Coaching
Educational Resources

Mental health is an ongoing journey. We'll help support you through your ups and downs with our ongoing education and integration resources. You can also continue with coaching regardless of whether you have an active treatment.

Our mission is to eliminate human suffering by building the learning, science, and technology infrastructure to support empowered, holistic health.

We'll help you find the most novel and effective mental health options suitable for you, right now.

Quick to Start
We offer learning pathways to help you better understand psychedelics and related mental health and wellbeing topics. This is an essential preparation not only for psychedelic work, but mental healing and growth in general. You can start right away and determine quickly which mental health treatments are right for you.
Hands-on Guidance
If you want more guidance beyond our self-serve tools, you can get 1:1 navigation, preparation, guidance, and integration coaching with a Curio Health Champion. Whether you are starting to understand your emotions or diving deeply into psychedelic work, we can help you through every step of your journey.
Focus on Psychedelics
We focus on psychedelics because of the transformative opportunities they have for mental health. However, effective psychedelic work is holistic, so we also cover emotional resilience work, psychotherapy, mindfulness, and other important related topics in our education and coaching.
We determine the quality of mental health treatment protocols on scientific evidence so we can offer the best recommendations. We also conduct research to further the field and define the safest, most effective methods for Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching Treatments (PACT).
Navigate Tricky Logistics
The healthcare system is complicated! We can help you understand and navigate through your specific insurance coverage, medical, and other concerns as you work on your mental health.
Long-Lasting Change
Our goal is for you to feel better fast, and stay feeling well for as long as possible. This is why we focus on fast-acting modalities such as psychedelics as well as emotional education and training via coaching.

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* We don't share your data. See our Privacy Policy