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Need support for this time of change?

Get the support you need to live more happily. Join your Curio Circle and learn life skills together with a professional guide.

Gain Psychological, Emotional, and Relational Skills

Curio Circles are carefully curated groups that learn and grow together. A Curio Guide leads your circle through a customized, structured program to help you learn new skills to live a better, happier life.

Created By A Stanford-Trained MD

As a practicing primary and urgent care physician, I see every day how the stresses of the modern world can challenge our mental health and wellbeing.

Now more than ever, during an unpredictable global crisis, we need to come together to support one another.

Hillary Lin, MD

Customized Programs

Your guide will be chosen based on fit for your needs, and your 4-week program is customized for your circle. Each meeting will include structured activities and discussions. Below are examples of programs.

A New Normal

While feelings of stress and anxiety are normal with big changes, you don't have to go through it alone. Join your curious community and learn  how to adapt to our new, unpredictable world.

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Parenting while WFH

Millions of us have been thrown into the chaotic situation of  homeschooling children while newly working from home. Learn from your guide and other members on how to adjust to this new normal.

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Aggy Barnowski and Elise Gagnon

Art of Quarantine

"Social," or rather physical, distancing, distancing doesn't need to be mind-numbing. Explore strategies to adjust to this quarantine such as building a routine, maintaining social support, and self-care.

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Danielle Esses & Lauren Lucitt

Winning at WFH

Whether working from home is new for you or not, there are skills and strategies you can learn to work more effectively and even better than before. Learn from an experienced flow researcher.

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Danielle Esses & Lauren Lucitt

Healthcare Workers

This pandemic is unprecedented in our time, and the healthcare situation grows more dire. As a HCW, you may be experiencing extreme stress or trauma. Get the support you need to keep caring for others.

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Hillary Lin, MD

Finding Fun

This program is for those who miss learning new things and meeting new friends. There's a way to bring joy and play back into your life, and you can learn those skills while having fun with your tribe.

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Danielle Esses & Lauren Lucitt

Get Started With Three Simple Steps


Complete a brief interest form and introductory call before you commit

Join with a guide and circle customized for personal fit to you


Learn via a custom-designed program with your circle and guide


Our Methodology

Our methods are not only humanistic - they are also grounded in psychology. Each Curio Circle has a personalized growth and learning program that is custom to its members. In addition, all Curio Guides practice inclusivity, non-judgment, and unconditional positive regard.


We find the best facilitators to lead our circles. All guides practice our core values of inclusivity, open-mindedness, and kindness.


Through a 4-week program, you will learn, with the help of your guide, skills for living a better and happier life. 


Your circle is not formed at random. We carefully consider your specific needs before we choose your guide and other circle members.


Outside of your sessions, you will gain practice through take-home exercises and a 24/7 Curio Community.


Once you're matched to your circl, your guide will create a custom program based on trusted resources and humanistic practices.


Curio will grow and evolve based on the world's changing needs and constant feedback from you.

Curio Circles

Join us for weekly meetings with curated circle and access to a 24/7 community. Each circle is matched with an experienced guide, such as a therapist or coach.


Programs are "Pay What You Can" to extend access to those suffering from financial hardship during this time.

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Curio Guides

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Want to contribute?

We are always looking for therapists, coaches, and other counselors to join our team. In addition, we rely on the generosity of donors to run our "Pay What You Can" COVID-19 Crisis Program. 

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