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At the intersection of mental health and personal development, Curio is where you find the guidance, knowledge, and support to build habits that change your life.

Working with people from...

Learn from others, grow from experience, live with purpose.

Designed to inspire your life.

Grow alongside Masterminds

Feeling alone in your personal development journey?

Meet weekly with 6-8 growth-minded peers to share experiences and provide support & accountability. Your 45-minute Mastermind sessions are expert facilitated and focused on driving actions and outcomes.

Personalized action plans

Drowning in a sea of self-help content?

After each Mastermind, we deliver humorous micro-lessons based on proven concepts. We transform wordy academic jargon into concise, actionable content you actually want to use.

We make magic happen

Tired of trying 100s of life hacks without improvement? 

We are building a one of a kind dataset of battle-tested, mutually-reinforcing habits that demonstrably improve your wellbeing.

Through ongoing measurement and analysis of your habits, we help you identify and personalize systems that work for you AND stick.

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Our coaches specialize in...

Pivot Program

Life is like underwear—it's meant to be changed. Big changes can feel daunting, and our Curio Coaches know from experience. From career-specific to general life changes, they will help you better understand your values and work toward ultimate fulfillment. Our Pivot Program can take you through transitions including:

  • Becoming a founder
  • Becoming a manager
  • Starting a new role or job
  • Changing your career trajectory
  • Becoming a parent
  • Moving to a new city
  • Starting or ending a relationship

Mental Health & Wellness

From managing small stressors to building resilience, our coaches will teach you techniques to help you balance work, home, and social demands better than you balance a pile of Grandma's most precious china.

*This is not therapy. If we find that therapy would be a better option for you, we are happy to refer you to the right resources.

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Our approach

We believe a better understanding of the mechanics of behavior change and neuroscience principles allows you to be more effective and intentional about building habits to live a better life.

Science supports how we approach mindset and behavior change. But this is not a theoretical exercise; we help you put strategies into real practice.

Meet our founders

Hillary Lin, MD is a physician and co-founder of Curio. She completed her B.S. in Biology, M.D., and Internal Medicine residency at Stanford. She has coached numerous times on topics directly in the mental health and wellbeing space, as well as on career transitions. Her experience leaving a fruitful career in the field of academic medicine to achieve her dreams in an unorthodox way allows her to help high performing individuals find more fulfilling career paths.

Felix Li is a healthcare entrepreneur and co-founder of Curio. He was formerly part of the senior leadership team at League and a strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte and Doblin. He was one of the driving forces behind building Game Plan, the holistic mental wellbeing program for Canadian Olympians transitioning out of high-performance sports. Felix's lifelong pursuit of mental wellbeing began early in his career as a strategy consultant. When not helping others improve their mental wellbeing, Felix can be found on his bike searching for Ontario's best butter tarts and sport climbing.

Our approach

Our framework is broken down into three parts: Learn, Plan, and Act. It's simple in nature for a reason—simplicity is effective.

The learning phase is ongoing. We learn from observing others, consuming content in all forms, and living life. Sounds simple, but the reality is we're inundated with resources and the overwhelm can actually impair our ability to learn. To combat this, we've culled through the millions of resources out there and curated a selection that is proven effective. Your coach will take it a step further and share specific resources with you, intentionally paced to optimize absorption. (seeking inspiration, passively consuming, observing others) Inspiration

The planning phase is where your coach will help you work through everything you've learned and think about how to implement it. You'll work through reflective exercises and prompts to help you devise your action plan. (understanding, synthesizing, preparing)
Analysis (but cooler)

The action phase is where you put your plans to work. Plans don't always pan out how we imagined, so we'll also take the time to reflect on our results and iterate. In the words of Ross Gellar, we PI-VOT, PI-VOT, PI-VOT.

Plans & Pricing

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1 Week Sprint

$109 $49 for a limited time
Two 1:1 coaching sessions
Personalized coaching plan
Continuous in-app chat interaction with Curio Coach
Access to Curio's proprietary suite of productivity software tools
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2 Week Sprint

Three 1:1 coaching sessions
Personalized coaching plan
Continuous in-app chat interaction with Curio Coach
Access to Curio's proprietary suite of productivity software tools
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Curio Membership

$99 /month
Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions
Personalized coaching plan
Continuous in-app chat interaction with Curio Coach
Access to Curio's proprietary suite of productivity software tools
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Curio helped me steer my actions toward my bigger priorities."

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I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of conversation in my Mastermind."


I enjoyed being able to hear insights from people I otherwise wouldn't have ever met."

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