Mental health like you have never seen before

Train, connect , laugh - delivered via Slack.

Moira Rose

What's the big deal with mental health?

Dog meme

The internet says that I am "Languishing".

Excuse me, is that an animal meme?

Is it the same as being happy?

People are diverse & relationships can be hard to navigate.

Can sharing memes be my love language?

Your mouth is saying yes, but your face is saying no.

A cartoon dog sitting in a room on fire

And this gets complex in a more global & remote work environment.

A cow upset that a dog hasn't started his work yet.

It has been 10 minutes, how is my boss still typing?

But what does that emoji actually mean? 😬

Is it appropriate to have... multiple work wives?

Finally, how do you improve your mental health and not make it feel like work?

We bring the "motion" to emotion.

On a training platform for emotional skills.

In an app powered by humor and science.

Basically, games that make you a better person.

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