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Empower Your Patients with Hyper-Personalized Support and Equitable Access

We deliver AI-enhanced tools and adaptable self-service solutions to empower you to offer tailored, compassionate support to patients navigating complex health journeys.

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I think it was the intense partnership with this organization that was willing to do whatever they could to help support me that felt really terrific.

Lisa L.
Curio patient

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Company

Patient Support Programs

Patient Support Program

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organization

Improve Patient Support and Treatment Adherence with Empathic Technology

Whether you are a patient advocacy group, a digital health platform, or a patient support program, our tools help you offer more individualized, supportive care without overburdening your team.

Reliable and Easy AI Implementation

Customize our tools with your existing technology and services in just weeks, not months. Capture the full potential of LLMs without adding headcount or extra work.

Better Engagement, Better Results

Use generative AI and empathic design to meet your patients where they are without burning out your team. Our tools empower your team to provide more personalized and immediate care 24/7.

Technology You Can Trust

We're constantly vetting and updating our tools with the latest technologies so you're always providing your patients with the safest and most accurate AI.


Augment Your Team’s Capabilities

Provide quality patient support services at scale with our integrative AI-enabled solutions.

Why partner with Curio?

Seamless system integration
Access to innovative, AI-driven technologies
Enhance your service offerings to existing clients
for Non-profit organizations

Extend Your Reach, Understand Your Impact

We are particularly interested in partnering with non-profit organizations that focus on cancer research, patient navigation support, and education.

Why partner with Curio?

Leverage technology to extend your impact
Receive data insights on your educational resources to understand their impact
Advocate for equitable access to quality healthcare

What Makes Us Different?

Our platform is intentionally decentralized to allow us to offer state-of-the-art, AI-enabled resourcing, education, and navigation tools to any organization with simple implementation and customization. Our approach emphasizes flexibility and easy updates to the latest technology without sacrificing safety or reliability.

Ready To Revolutionize Patient Support?

Chat with us today to learn more about our platform, open to all health organizations. Non-profits and other select orgs may qualify for a no-cost program.

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