Curio draw on having a sense of curiosity about the world - a mindset that encourages motivation & growth despite life's setbacks.

Our story

I built Curio because I knew there was a better solution to help those suffering from anxiety and depression than SSRIs. As a physician, I could only prescribe pills for many years, and it never felt like a true fix. Community and support have such a big impact when someone is working through a mental health challenge, and I want Curio to be the place people go to experience mental health in this complete way.

-Dr. Hillary Lin, M.D., Founder & CEO
It takes a village...
Your mental healthcare team should all work together - so that's exactly what we'll do. If you're working with a therapist, we'll work with them. If you're not but you want to, we'll help you find one. We believe everyone deserves a complete care team.

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