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Help your patients unlock their full potential through the power of psychedelics

At-home psychedelic-assisted coaching designed to seamlessly integrate into your therapy practice.
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Adaptive coaching to get your patients through challenges of all sizes

Our coaching incorporates...
CBT practice
Physical fitness & nutrition
Psychedelic preparation & integration
Relationship navigation
-Layla, Therapist

Our programs are designed to help your patients navigate life's struggles.

Purpose & Identity
Do your patients feel like their career or relationships aren't going their way? We'll explore purpose, identity, and values to get to the root cause.
Stress & Overwhelm
Juggling work, family, and everything else life throws at us can leave one feeling anxious, frazzled, and even lost. We'll help your patients cut through the noise to live more intentionally.
Founders & Leaders
The unique challenges of leading a team and being responsible for others' lives can lead to stress, anxiety, and poor health. Our program is designed to help one become a better leader.
Relationship Dynamics
Are your patients struggling in their relationships? We'll get to the bottom of their relationship woes with our program for emotional work.
Existential Distress
Whether your patients are dealing with a life-threatening diagnosis or wondering what the purpose of their life is, we can help with our existential questions program.
Caregiving stress
If your patients are responsible for a child or a parent, they may be experiencing burnout from the demands of caregiving. We'll help them take care of themself while they care for others.

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The Curio Journey

We break down each Curio journey into three stages. Everyone's journey will be unique, but below is a common pathway:


1-3 weeks

Regular coaching
1-3 ketamine sessions

Introductory period to familiarize patient with ketamine and define the main focus for patient's journey


2-3 months

Regular coaching
1-2 ketamine sessions weekly

Intensive treatment period resulting in revelations, positive experiences, and/or challenging experiences to work through


As needed, based on individual

Regular coaching
1-2 ketamine sessions monthly

Less frequent treatment period to focus on integrating revelations, inspirations, etc. into action for lasting, positive change
-Peter, Entrepreneur + Father

The Curio Difference

Local Ketamine Clinics
Treatment method
Intravenous, Intramuscular injection
Proven effective by validated research
At-home treatment
Structured programs with continuous integration support
Average cost of single treatment
Preparation and integration coaching
*additional cost

How to get started

Step 1

Schedule Your Medical Consultation

Discuss your challenges and goals with one of our clinicians, and they'll help you determine the best treatment plan for you. Your $99 consultation fee will be applied to your first ketamine session.

Step 2

Meet Your Coach

You'll be paired with a Curio coach who will help you navigate every step of your journey. They'll ensure you're properly prepped for your ketamine treatments and help you integrate takeaways from your sessions.

Step 3

Prepare for Your First Session

You'll meet with your coach to ensure you feel confident and ready for your first session. Our coaches help you with everything from setting intentions to prepping your set and setting.

How It Works

Step 1

Medical Consultation

Your patient will meet with a Curio clinician to discuss their challenges and goals to help your patient determine the best treatment plan. Their $99 consultation fee will be applied to their first ketamine session.

Step 2

Meet Their Coach

They'll be paired with a Curio coach who will help them navigate every step of their journey. Their coach will ensure they're properly prepped for their ketamine treatments and help them integrate takeaways from their sessions. Their coach will work closely with you, as their therapist, in order to ensure your patient's care is seamless and aligned.

Step 3

Prepare for Their First Session

They'll meet with their coach to ensure they feel confident and ready for their first session. Our coaches help them with everything from setting intentions to prepping their set and setting.


Your patient's initial medical consultation fee ($99) will be applied toward their first ketamine session. Each ketamine session will be virtually guided by their coach. Pricing includes additional 1:1 preparation and integration coaching sessions.
Single Session
$20 savings
Pricing includes:
Virtually Guided Ketamine Session
1:1 Coaching Sessions
Clinician Visits for Dosing
4 Session Bundle
$107 savings
Pricing includes:
Virtually Guided Ketamine Sessions
1:1 Coaching Sessions
Clinician Visits for Dosing

Experience Curio today.

Backed by Science

Our programs are designed around a complete ketamine therapy approach. Our comprehensive nature ensures you're properly prepared for your ketamine treatment by your coach, who will continue to support you throughout your entire Curio journey.

We will also coordinate with your therapist as needed. Ketamine is shown to temporarily alter your state of consciousness which can lead to personal breakthroughs. Ketamine is a legal, FDA approved medication that can be used off-label for depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental-health conditions.

What people are saying...


Product Manager + Artist
"I’ve been able to completely turn my life around. It feels like things are finally settling down and I’ve been able to think clearly about what is going on around me."


CEO + Wife
"My husband would look defeated after therapy. It felt like it wasn’t working for him. After a year, I began researching psychedelics. It's changed his life, and I have him back."


Software Engineer + Father
"I was on anti-depressants for years that didn't work, but I stuck with it since I didn’t know a better option. After my first ketamine session, I felt like a weight has been lifted off me."


What is preparation and integration coaching?

Your patient's Curio coach will meet with them and share materials to help them understand what to expect going into their first session. Following every session, they'll have the opportunity to schedule an integration coaching session to process anything that came up during the session and/or start to action on insights and inspirations.

Will I feel better right away?

Some people do feel immediate relief following a session, however, it may not necessarily last. Generally, one might feel an increased sense of openness, inspiration, sense of purpose, creativity, and/or empathy in the 7-10 days following a session. Our integration coaching is meant to help someone take positive action in this window of increased openness for more lasting change.

How do I know if Curio is working for my patient?

Your patient's coach and physician will help them baseline and review the effectiveness of their treatment plan on an ongoing basis.

Where is this available?

We are currently available in New York, California, Texas, and Michigan with plans to expand to other states in the future.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance, however, we will provide your patient's with a superbill so they can work with their insurance on any potential reimbursements.

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