Intro to Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic literally means “clear mind” in Latin. Psychedelic therapy is using a psychedelic compound to induce a non-ordinary state of consciousness that often leads to profound insights, combined with therapeutic techniques.

Psychedelic therapy can be done with many different psychedelics, however, we focus specifically on ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP).The state of consciousness most commonly associated with KAP is described as an out of body experience due to ketamine’s dissociative properties. A single KAP session can lift symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and more. Psychedelic experiences can induce a sense of:

Timelessness: An altered or distorted sense of time

  • Creativity: Novel ways of thinking
  • Deep connection: Strong feeling of unity to others or the world
  • Selflessness: An altered experience of the self
  • Phenomena

Therapeutic ketamine sessions have the potential to induce incredible breakthroughs in much less time than traditional talk therapy. We wrap the psychedelic experience with proven therapeutic techniques to help you mentally prepare for your experience prior and integrate your revelations following to continue the transformative effects. 

Ketamine typically makes you feel introspective and introverted. Instead of incorporating a psychotherapist session during the experience, we support you in coordinating with your psychotherapist to help you process and start your integration process. 

Curious to see if ketamine can support your mental health journey. Fill out a brief assessment and connect with a Curio clinician.

Photo by Matt Duncan


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