Curio's Psychedelic Therapy Protocol

Our comprehensive method ensures that we can administer safe and effective psychedelic therapy. 
Medical Consultation

You’ll meet with a licensed practitioner to discuss your medical and mental health history and receive your treatment plan.


You'll receive preparation content and meet with your Curio Coach to ensure you have all the tools you need to have an effective experience. These include:

  • Intention setting
  • Prepping your environment
  • Having safety and support measures in place
  • Awareness of ketamine’s effects
Ketamine session(s)

We use a sublingual version of ketamine. Our practitioners will determine how to administer the ketamine and prescribe the appropriate dosage for you. The experience is meant to be meditative to allow your mind to wander and make connections in ways it ordinarily doesn’t. We offer virtually guided sessions to ensure you're supported throughout.


Following each session, you'll have an integration session with your Curio Coach. Your coach will help you distill insights from your ketamine session and turn them into actionable takeaways you can integrate into your everyday life. Integration can involve many modalities. Curio memberships includes integration coaching. However integration does not have to be limited to just that. Below are some other integration examples you might want to explore:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Immersing in nature
  • Creative practices, such as music, drawing, painting, etc.
  • Talking with loved ones
  • Vision boarding

For those who are seeing a therapist, your integration might also include talk therapy to further explore insights and inspirations derived from your session.

Curious to see if ketamine can support your mental health journey? Fill out a brief assessment and connect with a Curio clinician.

Photo by Lindsay  Henwood


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