Creative Mental Health

We're bringing delight to personal growth & mental wellness


What is Curio, Exactly?

Curio puts a proactive, enjoyable twist on mental health. Join your Circle weekly and learn growth skills from trained Guides. Measure your progress as you improve your mental fitness.

Build Creativity

Improve learning & brain performance through playful activities & exercises.

Bring novelty & innovative thinking to your work, relationships, and personal growth.

Improv for Life

Connect with others in moments. Learn how to navigate tough interpersonal situations. Prepare for & interpret life's challenges.

Apply for the Curio Pilot

Limited spaces available. $100 deposit is returned with your attendance & feedback.

All participants gain:

  • 4 weekly 60-min Curio Circle sessions

  • Personal, Relational, & Creational Curriculum

  • Fun & practical mental fitness improv exercises

  • Access to the Curio Community

  • Personal Growth Assessments

  • Special presents - mailed to you!

Hillary Lin,  MD

Founder & CEO

I am a board-certified primary and urgent care physician with a background in digital health. I studied at Stanford University, School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Business. My passions are for mental health and building deep relationships. I created Curio to solve the epidemic of disconnection and isolation in our modern-day world. I love escape rooms and have been to 150+ around the world.

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