Complete At-Home Ketamine Therapy

Psychedelic-assisted coaching and therapy (PACT) to tackle anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

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Curio: A mental health clinic

Research on the effects of psychedelic therapy

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Our approach to ketamine therapy

we'll give you a comprehensive experience including...

Curio Collection

Your Curio Collection is a box of thoughtfully curated products designed to enhance the effects of your at-home ketamine therapy experience.

Integrated Care Team

Our Curio physicians and coaches will be with you every step of the way and will work closely with your therapist as needed to ensure your care is seamless.

Guided Ketamine Treatment

Your Curio coach will prepare and guide you throughout your entire experience. We provide virtual monitoring during your ketamine treatment to ensure your comfort and safety.

Community Learning and Integration

Join in-person and virtual experiences to support your growth, deepen your integration and build connections with others going through similar experiences.

Our membership is for you if...

You suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, panic attacks
You're looking for a new type of mental health treatment beyond talk therapy or SSRIs
You're ready to take action now and start to feel better

How It Works

step 1
Medical Evaluation
Fill out a brief online assessment to help us better understand your needs. Your Curio physician will determine the best treatment plan for you and ensure you're physically & mentally ready for the experience.
step 2
You'll get matched with a Curio Coach who will stay with you throughout your journey. They'll give you exercises and content to prep for each treatment and tools to facilitate integration afterwards.
step 3
Your Ketamine Treatment
Your coach will ensure you're properly prepped and set up for your ketamine treatment and virtually monitor you throughout. Plus, your Curio Collection will include everything you need to make the most of each at-home experience.
step 4
Integration Therapy
You'll meet with your coach (and therapist in some instances) to explore insights, experiences, and feelings from your session and determine how to incorporate them into your daily life.

Psychedelic Experience

Intention Setting
Your Curio Coach will work with you and help you set intentions before each ketamine treatment.
Ketamine-Assisted Exploration
Use the items from your Curio Collection to enhance your experience.

Your Curio Coach will virtually monitor you during your experience to ensure comfort and safety.

The medicine dissolves under your tongue in about 5 minutes.

Spend the next 1 - 2 hours in an introspective experience.

Integrating Your Experience

Use your Curio notebook to explore the thoughts and feelings you uncovered during your experience.
With your therapist/coach
Work with your coach or therapist to integrate breakthroughs from your ketamine treatment and make healthy life changes.
With our community
Join a community integration session to share your experience and connect with others on a similar journey.
Talk to us today
Call or text us to talk about ketamine therapy and how it can benefit you.

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What people are saying...


Product Manager + Artist
"I’ve been able to completely turn my life around. It feels like things are finally settling down and I’ve been able to think clearly about what is going on around me."


CEO + Wife
"My husband would look defeated after therapy. It felt like it wasn’t working for him. After a year, I began researching psychedelics. It's changed his life, and I have him back."


Software Engineer + Father
"I was on anti-depressants for years that didn't work, but I stuck with it since I didn’t know a better option. After my first ketamine session, I felt like a weight has been lifted off me."

Backed by Science

Our programs are designed around a complete ketamine therapy approach. Our comprehensive nature ensures you're properly prepared for your ketamine treatment by your coach, who will continue to support you throughout your entire Curio journey. We will also coordinate with your therapist as needed.
Ketamine is shown to temporarily alter your state of consciousness which can lead to personal breakthroughs. Ketamine is a legal, FDA approved medication that can be used off-label for depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental-health conditions.


What will my membership include?

Our monthly membership ($299/mo) includes 1 monthly ketamine session, your medical evaluation, Curio Collection, access to proprietary exercises and educational content, and group integration sessions. You will also be matched with your Curio coach once you become a member.

How do I know if Curio is working for me?

Your coach and physician will help you baseline and review the effectiveness of your treatment plan on an ongoing basis.

What if I want more than 1 ketamine treatment per month?

Additional ketamine treatments are $149 and include applicable coaching and clinician visits

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, you can pause your membership at anytime by emailing us at You can also choose to continue your membership and apply your ketamine session to a future month.

Can I use my insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance, however, we will provide you with a superbill so you can work with your insurance on any potential reimbursements.

What if I join but cannot be treated with ketamine therapy?

Our membership is fully refundable if it is determined you are not a good candidate for ketamine at this time.

Where is this available?

We are currently available in New York, California, and Michigan.

A membership to complete mental health

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