How It Works

Our philosophy

Curio is the most hands-on and complete mental health virtual clinic for ketamine treatment. Our concierge approach means we will guide and support you every step of the way with the goal of offering a highly personal and effective experience.

We are a mission-driven company and believe in whole-person health and wellness. This means we recommend psychedelics and other interventions only if they are appropriate and helpful for you at this point in time. In addition to ketamine, we offer comprehensive medication management including refills and new prescriptions, 1:1 and group coaching, and a growing body of learning resources delivered in content programs.


This step is incredibly important as you begin your psychedelic-assisted therapy journey. Ketamine’s benefits are due to its psychological impacts through your experiences as much as from its chemical effects. Our preparation process includes a medical screening to provide the safest experience for your body, and coaching and education to provide the safest experience for your mind. Your specific ketamine plan including dosage, schedule, and integration sessions will be designed specifically for you according to your needs.
Preparation includes:
  • Medical baseline questionnaire
  • Clinician visit to determine plan for dose and schedule
  • Learn about what to expect through the Curio Preparation Program and your Curio Coach

Ketamine Experience

We will be at your side for every step of your at-home ketamine experience. Your clinician will help you plan and adjust your ketamine dosages according to your needs and goals. This is done with an upfront planning appointment as well as adjustment appointments as needed. Your Curio Coach is the one who will help you align to your growth plan, starting with a preparatory intro session for intention setting, and with ongoing integration sessions after every experience (see below).
The Ketamine Experience includes:
  • Intention setting with your Curio Coach and/or therapist
  • Optimizing your physical being and space including finding an in-person session monitor
  • Guided experience (~90 minutes) in your home with a dissolvable lozenge form of ketamine


Integration is the key to obtaining the most long-lasting benefits from psychedelic-assisted therapy. The process begins as soon as you come out of your psychedelic experience, and continues indefinitely as you grow emotionally. Your Curio Coach will be available to you on an ongoing basis to help you process your emotions and figure out actionable insights.
Integration includes:
  1. Write down or otherwise record your thoughts and insights from your session
  2. Apply new actions with the help of your Curio Coach and any resources they suggest
  3. Consider new or evolved intentions for future psychedelic sessions

The Curio Difference

A Complete Approach
We'll ensure you feel properly prepared for ketamine therapy, continue to feel supported following your treatment, and address gaps in your current care.
Built for You
Your mental health journey is unique, so we'll design treatment plans to specifically serve your needs.
Based on evidence
We root our approach in research and science and our coaches deliver proven exercises and techniques.

How it works

Step 1

Medical Evaluation

Fill out a brief online assessment to help us better understand your needs. Your Curio physician will determine the best treatment plan for you and ensure you're physically & mentally ready for the experience.

Step 2


You'll get matched with a Curio Coach who will stay with you throughout your journey. They'll give you exercises and content to prep for each treatment and tools to facilitate integration afterwards.

Step 3

Your Ketamine Treatment

Your coach will ensure you're properly prepped and set up for your ketamine treatment and virtually monitor you throughout. Plus, your Curio Collection will include everything you need to make the most of each at-home experience.

Step 4

Integration Therapy

You'll meet with your coach (and therapist in some instances) to explore insights, experiences, and feelings from your session and determine how to incorporate them into your daily life.

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