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We're revolutionizing healthcare to make it more accessible, efficient, and comprehensive. We'll guide your patients through the complex healthcare journey, ensuring they get the right care, at the right time, in the right place.
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We strive to bridge the gap between physical and mental health, offering comprehensive solutions to individuals with chronic conditions.

Conditions we treat include, but are not limited to...
Autoimmune Disorders
Long Covid

Curio patients see a 55% reduction in anxiety (GAD-7) and 58% reduction in depression (PHQ-9) within 6 weeks of starting treatment with us.

Our Approach Is Different

Less Time, Lower Costs

We know the importance of time, so we help expedite treatment access. Through prompt and effective care, we enhance health outcomes while significantly reducing healthcare costs.

Empowering Therapists, Physicians, and Specialists

We support providers and specialists in fields such as oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and immunology. We equip you with tools and resources for seamless communication, streamlined referrals, and simplified case management, so you can deliver exceptional care.

Navigating the Path to Better Health

We’re more than a healthcare service; we're a dedicated partner in the journey towards improved health. Our team of skilled and compassionate professionals is committed to empowering both patients and supporting providers.

How It Works

Patients can start right away, no referral needed.

Step 1: Onboard to Curio

Patients will complete a comprehensive evaluation to help us understand their preferences and goals. We'll develop a personalized care plan designed for their specific needs.

Step 2: Meet The Care Team

Our dedicated team provides constant support for your patient. We'll help them facilitate efficient coordination among healthcare providers and navigate their healthcare journey.

Step 3: Progress Tracking

Through regular check-ins, we monitor patient progress and adjust care plans as needed.

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What Our Partners Say...

I had been seeing a patient for more than five years and I knew they were stuck. I knew Curio would help them since I had referred several patients prior, but I had no idea the immense amount of progress they were going to make in such a short amount of time.
- Alex S, Therapist
Services: Care Navigation, Ketamine-Assisted Therapy & Medication Management
I felt my patient could benefit from Ketamine-Assisted Therapy, and time was of the essence. Within a week of getting in touch with Curio, my patient had their first treatment. Their care team kept me updated on their treatment schedule and progress, which was incredibly helpful.
- Ryan D, Palliative Care
Services: Care Navigation, Ketamine-Assisted Therapy
When I first got my breast cancer diagnosis, I felt paralyzed. All of the sudden I needed to get second opinions, evaluate hospitals and specialists, and figure out which were in and out of network. Curio gave me the reassurance I needed to manage the moving pieces.
- Jess M, Cancer Patient
Services: Care Navigation, Coaching
I've never worked with a partner who did such a good job keeping me in the loop about my patient's care. They didn't overburden me with information, but gave me exactly what I needed to make sure that our patient's care was seamless and not repetitative.
- Kristin N, Psychiatrist
Services: Ketamine-Assisted Therapy, Coaching

How to Refer?

Referring a patient to Curio is as simple as it can get.

Patients can also start directly with us at - no physician referral is required.

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Email at, phone at (415) 941-0579, or complete this short referral form.

Share Relevant Information

Provide the necessary patient information. All data remains strictly confidential and is used solely for patient care.

We Take Over

After receiving patient details, we initiate the care navigation process, collaborating and communicating with you as preferred.

Let's redefine healthcare together.

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