What is the Anti-Burnout Season?
It's like a Netflix season, but for your mental health. And interactive. Our 8-week Anti-Burnout Season is a collection of experiences designed to help you regain control in life. It will get you unstuck, help you sort through the noise, and bring the heat (yes, we're talking about Hot Cheetos).

I'm busy...how much time will this take?
Our live experiences are typically 55 minutes, and you can drop in as often as you want. Unlike when you're binging Netflix, you'll come out of these 55 minutes with more mental clarity and mindfulness. You're dedicating time to thinking deeply and building connections with like-minded individuals.

"I  do actually feel a lot more mindful! Definitely mentally exercised!" - Sam L., Beta member
Hold up, rewind. So what is Curio?
We're like Peloton, but for your mind. We offer immersive experiences to help you improve your mental wellbeing, with our first season on how to not be burnt out. Our live sessions are designed to help you think introspectively and gain new insights from other members. Curio is a community of intentional individuals to help you work through life struggles.

We'll also drop on-demand content and surprise experiences throughout the season, but you'll have to join to find out what they are - no spoilers 🤐
Give it to me straight, what am I getting in the Anti-Burnout Season?

When are the live experiences?

Our experiences will be at the following times, rotating topics within our Burnout Season content:

  • Tuesday @ 12pm EST
  • Wednesday @ XXXX
  • Thursday @ 5pm EST

What are some topics covered in this season?

  • What sh*t do I actually care about?
  • What gives me the drive (not that kind...get your head out of the gutter)?
  • Is burnout burning all my relationships into the ground?
  • Am I binge [drinking, eating, spending, your choice here] because of burnout?
  • Can I get back the energy to feel like a human again? (The answer is yes.)

How much does it cost?

Our monthly membership is $75/month. You can cancel at anytime, and we have flexible payment options available.

What will I get access to?

Our membership gives you full access to our Anti-Burnout Season and all future seasons. Seasons include live (virtual) sessions, on-demand content, and exclusive experiences.

How long is a season?

Each season is 8 weeks long. Future seasons include Relationships, and Navigating Family Dynamics.

What is Curio's approach to making me more fulfilled?

Founded by Stanford-trained physician Hillary Lin, M.D. and healthcare entrepreneur Felix Li, Curio is rooted in the mechanics of behavior change and neuroscience principles. We believe deepening our understanding of these will allow us to be more effective and intentional about building habits to live a better life.

Science supports how we approach mindset and behavior change. But this is not a theoretical exercise; we help you put strategies into real practice.

Why is this worth my time?

Curio isn't just a place to improve your mental wellbeing. It's an intentional community of individuals who inspire one another. Curio is your place to have deep conversation about challenging topics like life purpose, burnout, relationships, and more. We'll push you to find new perspective and help you break down your struggles and turn them into positive action. Join the community that's working toward a more mindful, connected lifestyle.

Apply for our Burnout Season below.