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Season 1
Get unstuck, regain control, sort through the noise, and bring the heat (yes, we're talking about Hot Cheetos). Burnout has a ripple affect onto many areas of our life, and this season is all about discovering how you can take action to redefine what gives you the zest for life.
Live Experience Highlights
What. Is. Burnout. Actually!
55 min
We hear the term "burnout" all the time - but what is it? How do you feel it? What does it mean to you? Define your burnout and start to break it down in order to build up your anti-burnout lifestyle.
The shit that matters
55 min
Marie Kondo your time to understand how you're living out your values. Push yourself to think about what truly brings you joy and how these things are established in your life.
Living in a Burnout World
55 min
It’s not you, it’s them. Burnout is a result of multiple interrelated factors -- some obvious, others less so. Deconstruct the systems (or lack thereof) that are contributing to your burnout and explore what you can do about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have an application process?

We carefully vet each member to maintain the integrity of our community. We aim to create a safe space to have challenging, thoughtful conversations with one another.

Do I have to purchase classes individually? What if I want to do a full season?

We release our classes under specific Curio Series and Seasons. Our 5 and 10 Class Packs will allow you to complete multiple classes at a discounted price.

What topics will be covered in future Series and Seasons?

We're launching with our Anti-Burnout Series, and will be introducing topics such as navigating sticky family dynamics, the effects of diet culture, and minority in leadership, among others.

Why is this worth my time?

Curio isn't just a place to improve your mental wellbeing. It's an intentional community of individuals who inspire one another. Curio is your place to have deep conversation about challenging topics like life purpose, burnout, relationships, and more. We'll push you to find new perspective and help you break down your struggles and turn them into positive action. Join the community that's working toward a more mindful, proactive lifestyle.

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