APAMSA & Curio Wellbeing Circles

Exercise creativity & connect with others

Practice wellbeing & personal growth skills

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I was feeling lost and didn't know where to turn to start. Joining my Circle gave me guidance and community for my mental health.

Felicity, MI - Medical Student

Customized APAMSA Program

The Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association has teamed up with Curio to create a customized program for its members and alumni. Circles meet with a professional Guide each week to learn and practice skills for personal growth.


Some of the topics covered include:

Managing family expectations

Test-related stress & anxiety

Developing empathy

Preparing for patient care

Managing high workloads

Understanding emotions

Adapting to COVID-19

Building mental resilience

Maintaining personal relationships

...and more


What is Curio?

Curio is a mental health and wellbeing startup focused on personal growth. We launched during the COVID-19 crisis to help people live better lives, regardless of our unpredictable world.

Select Curio Features

Experienced Coaches as Guides

Weekly 90-min Facilitated Sessions

Intimate Size - 8 Max per Circle

Access to the Curio Digital Community

Creative & Interactive Exercises

Convenient Access to Virtual Circles

Present - Mailed to You!


Who We Are

Hillary Lin,  MD

Founder & CEO

I am a board-certified primary and urgent care physician with a background in digital health. I was also a part of the APAMSA National Board throughout my medical school training. I studied at Stanford University, School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Business. My passions are for mental health and building deep relationships. I created Curio to solve the epidemic of disconnection and isolation in our modern-day world. I hope that we can help you feel better and more ready for the challenging world of healthcare and beyond.


What are Curio Circles?

Curio Circles are small groups facilitated by expert coaches that focus on discussing and practicing skills related to personal growth and mental wellbeing. Circles meet on a weekly basis with their Guide, for 90 minutes each session.

What if I'm not a medical student?

APAMSA alumni are definitely welcome to join, as well as pre-med students. If you fall in a different category or have questions, let us know at hello@joincurio.com.

What is the Curio Community?

The Curio Community is a private online platform which you'll receive access to upon signing up for Curio. This is where you can share experiences with other members of your Circle and the broader Curio Community. There will also be access to valuable written, audio, and video resources and live events shared within the platform. Even after your Circle ends, you'll have the option to maintain your access to our Community. 

Who are Curio Guides?

Curio Guides are experienced coaches, educators, and other expert facilitators who have been selected and trained to help Curio members excel. Each guide creates programs and resources according to their circle’s needs. All Curio Guides practice inclusivity, non-judgment, and unconditional positive regard.

What is the price of the APAMSA x Curio Program?

We are offering a group discount to all APAMSA members so you can access this customized program for just $80 for the whole month. We will refund you 100% of your payment if you attend all sessions and complete requested feedback surveys and interviews.

What are the dates of the APAMSA-Curio Program?

We'll be hosting a kickoff for the program on July 7th. The Circles will begin starting the week of August 3rd and continue for 4 weeks, with an opportunity to renew monthly.

What if I need to miss a session?

If you need to miss a session, we ask that you inform your Guide at hello@joincurio.com as soon as possible or at least 48 hours before the time of the session. This is to help plan activities during the sessions and protect the experience for the other members of your Circle. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for missed sessions except in emergencies and other special circumstances. The July 7th kickoff is optional but we do ask you RSVP accurately as we will be basing our Circles for the session on an accurate headcount.

How is this different from therapy?

Therapy generally helps you understand your internal processes and reflect on the past. Our methodology is more similar to that of coaching, which focuses on your current situation and how you can take actions to live a better life in the present and future. Although it is important, our focus is *not* on mental illness, although we can help guide you to proper channels if you are looking for help with major depression, panic disorders, and other clinical conditions.

Are Curio Circles safe spaces to share?

Yes. We ask all our members to follow our Code of Conduct, which indicates every member's promise to keep personal information shared during circle sessions private. We have a culture of trust, and any person who breaks that trust will have their membership revoked. To see how we take care of your information on the website, you can see our Privacy Policy.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Please reach out to us! We are at hello@joincurio.com and are happy to answer whatever other questions you may have. We are also hosting two Q&A sessions with our founder Dr. Hillary Lin on June 22 at 8:30PM and July 1 at 9:00PM EST. We will also have a free trial session you can join on July 7 at 9:00PM EST.